The following testimonials are from dental laboratories that have converted to digital and are using cobalt chrome print services from AMS.

These established and experienced technicians have embraced the technology that AMS provides and are benefiting from improvements in productivity, quality and a reduction in costs and complexity.



"Like others in our field, we were skeptical about new technology, and held on tightly to our traditions as dental technicians. We have the utmost respect for the courage and innovation AMS has shown by bringing laser sintering into New Zealand. Dentocast has had the privilege to be one of the first users of their service, and we are well and truly impressed.

Laser sintered chrome frames provide a reproducible quality, free of human errors such as; overheating metal, dirt enclosures, and miscasting. CAD has saved us so much time in model preparation and waxing up. Essentially this allows us to digitally ‘wax up’ on an untouched model from the get go with exact precision, our designs can now be as vast as our imaginations. DLyte electropolishing provides us with a frame that can be fitted and rubber wheeled as soon as it is received saving headache and time.

We are now able to produce more frames at a faster rate, and look forward to the future of our partnership. Thank you AMS.

Lucky "

New Zealand

logo petone dental lab

"Hi Craig, I must let you know that I am very happy with the quality of your printed Cr Co frames, as a Chrome technician of 45 years the manufacturing of Cr Co frames was wearing thin, but now that I have adapted to the scanning process and the virtual designing I have had an epiphany, I will never do another analogue casting. I am very happy with the quality and time and cost savings of the printed frames you supply

Regards Steve Russell CDT"

Petone Dental Laboratory
Lower Hutt
New Zealand

Andrew Devine Oral Design


"We are a medium-sized dental laboratory. We have a scanner, milling unit and sintering furnace that we use in the main to produce zirconia crowns, bridges and screw-retained implant crowns/bridges. Unfortunately one of our biggest clients is not that keen on zirconia as a restorative material. For this particular client we manufactured precious PFM crowns and bridges. The screw-retained implant crowns/bridges, depending on the implant system, were cast on to GoldAdapts or UCLA Abutments. With the fluctuation in world gold prices it is difficult to quote for precious PFM restorations.

Access to the services of Additive Manufacturing Solutions Ltd (AMS) has been one of the most exciting developments in our business. Clients who preferred non-precious restorations are happy and the client who preferred precious alloy has been converted to non-precious because of the quality of the material being used, i.e. Medical Grade CoCr and the up-to-date technology of Laser Printing.

Computer-wise we have simply maintained the settings we have for the metal equivalent on our software and send the STL files to AMS. No more waxing, investing, casting and stoning. However we have noticed that you do have to be more particular about blocking out undercuts.

As with crown and bridge the settings and process in the software are maintained for screw-retained implant crowns and bridges. The fit to ti-bases, vario-bases, universal bases i.e. to fixture level and multiunit bases i.e. to abutment level is excellent.

Sharon Devine"

Andrew Devine Oral Design
New Zealand