amsLogo2x 8specialises in direct metal laser sintered printing with Cobalt Chrome alloy. We are based in Lower Hutt New Zealand.


Our mission is to enable Dental Laboratories to take advantage of the very latest direct metal printing production line facilities. Our service will deliver the highest detailed finish available with this technology with a rapid turnaround that is responsive to business needs.


AMS are focused on providing a high quality product. To achieve this level of service we have chosen 3D Systems ProX direct metal printers. This solution offers leading depth of experience and expertise with proven performance and reliability.




AMS have extensive background in dental technologies, computer engineering, designing and operating complex systems. We have access to industry leaders in additive manufacturing. AMS have a close relationship with the ADDLab at Callaghan Innovation and educational organisations. Research and development is a fundamental part of our business culture.



We use a bio-compatible medical grade Cobalt Chrome alloy that has no nickel. Cobalt Chrome is an extremely strong and hard material with high temperature and corrosion resistance that is suitable for partial dentures, medical implants, gas turbines, high wear engine parts, injection moulds and many other potential uses.

 partial on modelturbine

While specialising in Cobalt Chrome for dental applications, our print facility is available to produce any product that will fit on our printer build plate. If you have a design you want to produce in Cobalt Chrome alloy then please contact us.